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Meet Jimi

Olu-Jimi Adeniyi lives and works in Springfield, Illinois. The Nigerian born artist is known for his fusion of the impasto technique of Van Gogh and impressionistic style of Monet. Formally trained in Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, his paintings and sculptures take gallery visitors, collectors, and art enthusiasts on a journey across three continents.

The African born artist and sculptor developed his love of art in Nigeria at the age of eight when he painted an image of the Virgin Mary. Many of his paintings embrace his faith, the diverse culture of his Nigerian heritage and a spectacular visual representation of African oral tradition.

As a celebrator of diverse cultures, abstract form and beauty, his signature painting "Maskermorphesis has garnered him international acclaim and has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide. Featured numerous times as a headline artist at the Pan African Film Festival, his accomplishments also include several showings at the prestigious Bicentennial Art Show in Prague, Czech Republic.

With his formal command of three-dimensional effect, characters and subject matter he attracts an eager audience for his images and displays from around the world.

His body of work articulates spacial analysis, form and style in a vibrant display of visual storytelling and personal revelation. Olu-Jimi's figurative and abstract paintings and sculptures not only are distinct but uniquely recognizable.

He spectacularly captures the elegance and beauty of the female form, the spiritual and often reflective rich cultural heritage of his mother land Africa, the detailed knife strokes of portraitures, and the picturesque and sublime mastery of landscape art.

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